In this helpful guide we’re going to cover apology gifts and when we might need them.

It’s not always the case, but there are some situations where the gesture of giving a gift adds to an apology.

We don’t like to admit it, but too often we can say the wrong thing or make a mistake. Not all mistakes or situations need apology gifts.  But sometimes, they can really add that extra touch of thoughtfulness – it can show just how sorry you are for what happened. 

What Are "Apology Gifts"?

What Are

An Apology Gift is a gift you buy for someone when you want to apologise for something that has happened.

“Apology gifts” can be used to smooth things over and to add a kind gesture to an apology after a disagreement. What you buy or make will depend on the situation. 

It’s important to note that in some cases an “I’m sorry” gift will show you’re sensitive to the situation.  In others, it might simply look like you’re trying to cover up the mistake you made.  

Overall, the point of an apology gift isn’t to make the issue go away.  It’s to really show that you’re sorry, it’s a gesture that show that you’re trying to make amends. 

When Are "Sorry Gifts" Necessary?

When Are

“I’m Sorry” Gifts are necessary when you believe you are in the wrong after a disagreement, and want to show your apology as well as say it.

A gift is something you want to add to an apology. It shows you’re trying to be sensitive to the situation.

Sorry gifts are not there to cover up the mistake or issue.

Below is a list of some scenarios where a gift to say sorry might be appropriate:

  • You didn’t do your fair share of the housework
  • You made a naive hurtful comment about weight or looks
  • You were late to something important
  • You forgot about an important milestone
  • You snapped at your friend or partner that was uncalled for

If the issue or mistake is bigger than these, sorry gifts may seem more insensitive than thoughtful. You need to be aware of the type of situations where sorry gifts can help, and where they won’t. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.

Suggestions For Sorry Gifts

Below are a few suggestions on what type of gifts you can buy, and when they would be appropriate to use. 

Flowers & Plants

Flowers & Plants Graphic

Flowers can make really nice “I’m sorry” gifts, and is probably the closest you can get to offering an olive branch. 

Try to make it even more special by trying to find their favourite flower or plant if possible. Remember, the gesture can mean more than the gift itself, so putting in extra effort behind the gift always helps. 

When this would be good to use

If you’ve had an argument with a friend or your partner, flowers or plants can be a nice gesture.


Chocolates Graphic

Chocolates can be a thoughtful gift when apologising, but it does depend on the situation. For example, don’t give chocolates if the apology is to make up for a weight comment you made.

When this would be good to use

If you need to apologise for not doing your share of the housework, or not putting in enough effort into something.

Apology Cards

Apology Cards Graphic

Apology cards can be a lot more sincere than getting an actual gift, especially if you take the time to write a heartfelt apology.

Ultimately, communication is key, so this might be a nice thing to add to an apology gift.

This is also a nice way to communicate when it’s not easy for you to say what you have to say out loud.

When this would be good to use

“I’m sorry cards” can be used for most situations.

Take the time to write down why you’re sorry. Depending on the situation, write down things that might help for the both of you in future. Try to be as sensitive as possible to the situation.

A Homemade Gift

A Homemade Gift Graphic

If you want to be really thoughtful with your apology gifts, something homemade would be a really nice touch.

It shows the person that you put a lot of effort into the task to show that you are sorry for what happened.  The gesture of making something really shows that you’re willing to take the time to try hard and apologise.  

When this would be good to use

A homemade gift would be ideal if the mistake or issue was not making the effort. If you’ve not been doing your share of the housework, or it’s your friend always making the effort to plan things.

In situations like that, this would be a good starting point, because you’ve made the effort to make it yourself.  If you need help with homemade gifts, check out this helpful guide

This has been our guide to apology gifts.

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