When it comes to homemade gifts, the first thing you need to consider is: Will you enjoy it?

One reason to do homemade gifts is because you’ve enjoyed the process. Because of this you’re loved ones will be able to see the love, care and thought that you put into it.

DIY gifts are great for when you really want to personalise an item. Additionally, they make for really thoughtful gifts. Regardless of how long it took, you still put in the time and effort to make your loved one something!

With that being said, here’s a handy little homemade gifts guide to get you started. In this guide we’ll advise you on when to give them, how to factor in your budget and some fun DIY gift ideas.

When To Give A Homemade Gift

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Now this might seem a bit silly, but we want to make sure that you know when it’s appropriate to give homemade gifts. There are some occasions where it might seem crass even if you did put thought behind it.

Weddings & Engagements: No

Weddings and Engagements are usually two occasions you not best suited for homemade gifts.

Usually a wedding will have a registry, and ultimately it depends on how well you know the couple. One exception to this rule might be if you do something to a professional standard. In that example, it may be a bit more appropriate.

Birthdays & Christmas: Yes

Most other occasions are fine. You could do homemade Birthday gifts, or homemade Christmas gifts and these would be really thoughts and much more relevant.

Budgeting And Preparing Homemade Gifts

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Consider Cost

When you’re considering making homemade gifts, remember that you’ll need to factor in costs for the object, any required ingredients, and packaging.

For example, if you’re planning on baking, you need to account for how much ingredients will cost. Also, you’ll have to consider packaging it. You don’t want to be left short some ingredients and be under-prepared because you didn’t think about the price of materials.

You might have all the ingredients, but do you have all the necessary equipment to bake with? These are important things you need to consider.

Plan Ahead

You’ll need to take into account the following things;

  • What are you going to make.
  • List the ingredients you’ll need if it’s something that requires them, such as baking or homemade cosmetics.
  • Have the equipment ready.
  • Have the packaging ready.
  • If it has an expiry date, label it clearly.
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute!

Each of these points are important if you’re going to attempt a homemade gift. It prepares you so that you can use your time efficiently.

The last point is especially important so that you give yourself enough time to get things done. Otherwise you’re left without a gift which can be stressful.

Quick & Easy DIY gifts

Here are a few ideas for some fun and creative DIY and homemade gifts that you can make! 


Baking Graphic

Baking can actually make for a few really quick and easy homemade gifts. And depending on what you choose, it can be fairly cheap too. That’s because you’ll already have what you need in the house most likely.

Additionally there are some really easy recipes that you can make that look really nice. If you’re struggling for ideas, I would strongly recommend the BBC Good Food website here. In that link are some quick and easy baking recipes.

You can wrap them in some patterned cellophane, with a nice ribbon tied around it. They end up looking like really creative DIY gifts! Not to mention thoughtful and professional too.


Soap Graphic

Making soap can actually turn into a pretty fun hobby! Depending on the recipe, they can also be pretty quick to make. It’s the preparation that may take a bit of time if you’re a beginner.

Make sure to check out this fun watermelon soap recipe here for some quick inspiration. This is a perfect example of something that would make a fantastic DIY birthday gift!

One of the more fun things about making soap is that you can buy different shaped moulds. As well as choose the fragrance that goes in it and colouring!

Candle Making

Candle Making Graphic

Everyone loves candles, and there are loads of different ways you can make them. They’re easy, and fun and to top it all off, they make great homemade gifts.

Just like soap, you can pick what colours and scents you want to use. For some quick inspiration for a quick and easy DIY project, check out this candle recipe which uses a slow cooker!

Candles can make some of the best homemade gifts. Let your creative juices flow and research different recipes to use and surprise your loved ones.

DIY Gift Jars

DIY Gift Jars Graphic

General Kits

These are usually mason jars, or jam jars that you fill to make little “kits” for your loved ones. They can be extremely thoughtful, easy and super quick. The idea is to get an empty mason jar and fill it with small items.

For example, you can fill it with “emergency items” like chap sticks, tissues, gum, sweets and maybe even a face mask if you want to make it girly!

Recipe Kits

Alternatively you can make something a bit different like a recipe jar. The idea is to fill a jar with the dry ingredients needed to make something (for example, brownies).

You measure out each ingredient and then pour each layer in separately. So first would be flour, then the sugar, then cocoa powder, then chocolate chips.

The label would be a little hand written (or typed) recipe card on how to make the recipe.

In conclusion, there are a number of different DIY gifts that you can make yourself. Most of them are pretty quick and easy. All of them are thoughtful and will be appreciated by the recipient.

This has been a gift guide to homemade gifts. If you’re looking for more help gift guides and suggestions check out the related posts below:

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