Making your own homemade hampers can be super fun and easy! And at the end of the day it’s nice to add a personal touch when we’re getting someone a gift. They’re great, especially for occasions like Birthdays and Christmas. You get to show your loved one just how well you know them by stuffing the hamper full of things they’ll love! Who wouldn’t want that? So that being said, we thought we’d show you the best way to make your own homemade hampers with this nifty guide!

What Is A Hamper?

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Homemade hampers usually consist of a basket or even a box that you fill with items and wrap in cellophane. The cellophane keeps everything contained whilst giving you a sneak peek of what’s inside.

You can make a hamper for anything including Birthdays, Christmas, Baby Showers, Weddings, you name it! The items placed in the basket or hamper are usually cushioned by some straw or or shredded paper. Essentially this helps to fill it out a bit.  You can add anything to your hamper, like gourmet food and jams to simple sweets. 

How to make your own homemade hamper

Set Your Budget

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The first thing you want to do when making your own homemade hampers is to set yourself a budget. This is really important so that you don’t under fill your hamper. If you were to set yourself a minimum budget of £25, the cheapest basket we could find on Amazon was £5.95 (here). And on a £25 budget that leaves you with £19.05 to spend on gifts to go inside it. This is just an example.

Ultimately, you can pick how much you want to spend. Simply remember to consider the cost of the container so that you have enough money left over to buy some fun gifts.

Pick Your Basket

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When you think of homemade hampers, you think of nice little baskets full of goodies. For some, this might seem like an expensive gift idea, and it certainly can be. But there are ways of making it cheaper and just as special. For instance, it doesn’t have to be a basket. Quite simply, it could just be a nice box (any ordinary box will do) which you can doll up to make look nice. Once you’ve got the box/basket bit all sorted, you can go ahead and fill it with items of your choice!

When picking out a basket or box, you have a couple of options. Maybe this is hamper gift idea is to celebrate someone’s milestone. In that case, you want to make it extra special. So you could essentially go for a basket with more than one use, like a little picnic basket.

If you’re not able to justify spending on a basket though, you can always “doll up” a box. Even shoe boxes work as they tend to be a nice size. When dolling up a box, you can gift wrap it in paper first, or parcel paper if you want to be environmentally friendly. Wrapping paper cannot be recycled however parcel paper can be.

Should you find that the box you’ve bought is too big, you can find some packaging to “fill” it out and appear fuller. That doesn’t mean you’re cheating, you’re simply cushioning out the gifts that you’ve bought!

Hamper Filling

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Before we think about putting any gifts in your homemade hampers, we need to fill it out a bit first. You can either buy some filling, or use what you have in house. For example you may have all sorts of random bits in the house like coloured paper. Additionally you can use newspaper. Either you can scrunch it up into loose balls, or you can shred it and fill the box or basket.

If you’re doing a rustic type basket with biscuits and cheeses, you could even fill it with straw or hay! Essentially you want something there to help “fluff” things up a little.

Filling Your Hamper

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Pick a Theme

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, we can look at what sort of gifts you can put in your  homemade hampers! First and foremost, when looking for hamper gift ideas you need to think about the theme. Do you want this hamper to have a little bit of everything in it, or do you want to have a specific theme?

For example, if you’re making a hamper for someone who likes their home comforts, you could do a “night in” basket. Maybe even a “movie night” hamper filled with popcorn, fancy crisps, a small blanket and a list of personalised movie recommendations. Did you know that you can also buy online gift cards from Google Play as well. That means whoever you gift this to can stream a movie.

Non-themed hampers

Alternatively, your hamper gift ideas don’t need to be themed. They could simply be a collection of things which you think your loved one would enjoy. It could be bath bits, it could be coffee related, maybe even book related! There’s nothing that you can’t put into a basket or hamper that is out of sorts!

If you’re on a budget, have a wander around The Poundshop or Poundland as you can find some real steals. They sometimes have some lovely candles and sweets and face masks. A nice spa pamper set, even on a small budget. You don’t need to go over the top, because you’ve already gone through the effort of making something homemade. It’s a really thoughtful gift idea.

Wrapping Your Hamper

For the last step, you need only finish it off with some cellophane and a nice ribbon. A ribbon is a nice touch but you don’t really need it. It’s there to just make it extra pretty. There’s no real “art” to wrapping your hamper. It’ll get ripped off in the excitement anyway. But just in case, here’s a little video demonstration on how to wrap a hamper with cellophane perfectly. 


How To Wrap A Hamper – Video Guide

This has been our guide to making homemade hampers. If you’re on the lookout for more helpful guides, please check out the related posts below.

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