What are Birthday Milestones

Milestone Birthdays are so important to celebrate. They not only mark your age, but they signify that you’ve survived your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so forth! And that’s a pretty big deal.

Why are Birthday milestones Important?

A lot of people dread getting older, and it’s completely understandable. It’s scary, and some of us still don’t know what we want to be even though we’re already “grown up”. But that’s ok, because we’ve still made it this far, and that’s worth celebrating.  And that’s why we’ve decided to write this guide on important Birthdays! 

What are the traditional birthday milestones?

The following are Birthday’s that we consider to be significant milestones: 1, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100. Each of these is quite an accomplishment and signify numerous things. We’ve made a little guide for these important Birthdays with a few ideas on what gifts you can look at buying for them.

1st Birthday

1st Birthday Graphic

To kick things off, 1st Birthdays are ones that you will cherish forever. It’s exciting to be able to celebrate your little one’s 1st Birthday. And this is probably one of the easiest milestone Birthdays to buy for because everything is just so cute. They’re keepsakes that will last forever that you could eventually gift back when they’re older and able to understand. For example, the gifts below would be great to keep and be able to show them on their 18th Birthday. It’s a really thoughtful token, and one that shows that you really cherish those early memories!

16th Birthday

16th Birthday Graphic

Firstly, sweet 16’s seem to be a fairly American thing, however it’s certainly made it’s away across the pond to the UK. That being said, 16 is your turning point, you’re nearly an adult. Did you know that once you turn 16, you can legally buy yourself a lottery ticket? It can be an unusual but fun way to embrace 16! You’ve got some pretty big exams to undertake when you’re 16 so perhaps this is another reason to celebrate. Take the stress away by having a sweet 16. When it comes to buying gifts for a 16 year old, look at what their hobbies are and base ideas of that. It could be anything from a video game to make up brushes!

Alternatively, we’ve got some other 16th Birthday gift ideas below for example:


18th Birthday

18th Birthday Graphic

18 is where you officially say goodbye to your childhood, that’s when you turn into an “adult”. Although, who can really say that they became an adult at that age? Most who are 30 still don’t consider themselves an adult 😀 That being said, it’s still a really special Birthday to celebrate and remember as with all important milestone Birthdays.

So what do you get someone who’s about to turn 18 year old? You could go down a few different routes, it really depends on your relationship with that person. As a friend, you can get them something utterly outrageous. If you’re a relative, maybe it’s worth going down the more personalised route. Given them a keepsake for them to remember.

For some milestones, it’s not necessarily the gift that will be retained or remembered. It will be the experience that can be enjoyed in the future. 

As such, let’s take a look at some examples of fun 18th Birthday gifts:


21st Birthday

21st Birthday Graphic

18 tends to be a pretty big milestone when it comes to ageing, so why is 21 such a big deal? Especially when 20 is when you technically stop being in your teens. Firstly, 21 is usually when people graduate from University and start looking into their careers. That seems to be a pretty big step into adulthood, and one which requires a bit of an attitude change compared to when you were 18. Secondly, for 21 year olds, minimum wage goes up! You go through some fairly significant changes when you turn 21, and that’s something to celebrate and look forward to.

So what sort of things do you look out for when buying for a 21 year old? From 21 onward, a nice bottle of alcohol makes a nice gift. You can usually get a personalised bottle of Champagne to celebrate. How about something seemingly sophisticated like a tasting experience. For example, check out some of the ideas below:

30th Birthday

30th Birthday Graphic

The big 30! Now that’s a pretty important Birthday milestone. I know a lot of people who dread turning 30 and I understand why. But it’s an exciting thing knowing that you’ve made it to 30 and seeing where you’ve gotten to, even if it’s not exactly what you expected.

Furthermore, 30 is still pretty young, but maybe it’s scary because we feel as though there’s a lot of extra responsibility to really be an adult not. In that case, you can empathise with those who dread it. But also, a lot of people who are older still act like big kids. And I mean that in a good way, they still have that zest for life and it’s wonderful.

And if you’re looking for gifts for a 30 year old check out some of these fun little ideas:

40th Birthday

40th Birthday Graphic

Know someone that’s turning 40? As with all the other important Birthday milestones, this is one that deserves to be celebrated in style! 40 is still pretty young, and there’s plenty that you can do in your 40’s. There are cases where the older you get, the less materialistic you get. You start wanting to minimise clutter, at least that’s what seems fairly common, however, everybody is different. Perhaps this important milestone is more so about experiences than when you’re younger.

So when considering a Birthday present for a 40 year old, think about your relationship with them. Do they enjoy a good laugh, for example would they appreciate an inflatable zimmer frame? Maybe they’re looking to bring mindfulness into their lives. You could go to a series of yoga classes with them. Or you could gift them a nice wine tasting experience as a pretty classy way to enter their 40’s.

For instance, why not try some of these ideas below to give you some inspiration:

50th Birthday

50th Birthday Graphic

Even if you’re not into celebrating Birthdays, you’ve got to admit that reaching 50 is a pretty important Birthday Milestone. Look at how far you’ve come. You’ve done plenty in your life, and there’s plenty more to enjoy! Now is the time to celebrate it all 🙂

Following on from 40, what do you get someone who’s just turned 50? Personalised is always a nice route to go down. You could do something funny depending on their humour, or you could do something really thoughtful. 

If you’re looking for some nice ideas, why not try some of the below:

60th Birthday

60th Birthday Graphic

Some people will want to celebrate their 60th Birthday milestone, but others certainly won’t want to. It’s important to respect people’s boundaries, so if they’re happy being left to themselves simply let them. That doesn’t mean you can’t still buy them something thoughtful for their Birthday. And if they do want to celebrate openly, then help them to do it. Find out what it is they want to do to celebrate, even if it’s just a few close friends and family gathering together.

How should you approach buying gifts for this important Birthday milestone? A personalised gift for this particular milestone would go a long way. There are a handful of really nice Birthday gifts suited for big occasions like this. Some of them are really simple like glass vases, some of them might seem generic but the thought is still there. Check out a couple of ideas below:

70-75th Birthday

70-75th Birthday Graphic

Age is only a number, you can accomplish so many things even at 70. There are plenty of older people who found they have a zest for running later in life. Even some records have been broken, you can find an interesting story here about a gentleman who ran a marathon in under 3 hours. Having said that, what’s not to celebrate about turning 70!

If you’re looking for gifts for important Birthday milestones, why not look at encouraging them to try a new hobby perhaps. It could be anything from cooking to some form of exercise. But just in case you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few below:

80-85th Birthday

80-85th Birthday Graphic

What can we say about 80, except that it’s quite an accomplishment! When you get to 80, what can you see yourself still doing? Maybe it’s baking and feeding everyone like the stereotypical grandma.  So what can you get for an 80 year old that they won’t have already? If you don’t see them often, then more often than not your company will mean a lot to them. We don’t realise how lonely older people can get, so something that reminds them of you might be a nice idea. Get them something to keep them busy.

If they’re able, treat them to a nice lunch out. Or cook them a nice lunch in their own home so that they’re comfortable. Maybe you can re-create a dish they’ve made you in the past? Additionally it could be something really simple such as a fish and chip lunch!

Just in case you’re still feeling unsure though, check out a couple of these nifty little bits:

90-95th Birthday

90-95th Birthday Graphic

Now you might wonder what you could get for someone turning 90 years old. What could possibly live up to this important Birthday milestone? Well chances are, they’ll be happy with your company and it’s really the thought that counts. So for this particular Birthday milestone, maybe look at really more thoughtful gifts instead of humour related ones. Perhaps foods that they like, so hampers tend to be a good idea. Make sure that they’re easy to open as well, or be available to give them a hand when possible. Additionally, you could go down a personal route, maybe make something like a scrapbook that they can look through.

And once again, it’s important to spend time with them when you can. But just in case you want some ideas to inspire you check out some of these:

100th Birthday

100th Birthday Graphic

This is the ultimate important Birthday milestone! Just imagine getting to 100 years old, what a huge accomplishment that would be. And you might be wondering how best you can celebrate something like this. It’s not often that people turn 100 years old, can you imagine the things they’ve lived through and witnessed in their lives. So what could possibly live up to that in terms of a gift for them? Well memories is one thing. You could try tracing back your family tree through Ancestry.com and making a scrapbook of your ancestors. That could be something your loved one might really appreciate.

Alternatively, why not try a couple of these ideas below:

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this gift guide for important Birthdays and Milestones. You can find our other gift guides here.

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