Regifting might sound a little bit ungrateful and in some cases it can rub a person up the wrong way especially if you’ve not really thought about it. Because of this it can be very easy to upset someone. So that’s why we’ve decided to write this guide so that you understand that there’s a certain finesse to regifting an item. It’s a win win situation for all.

What exactly is regifting?

What exactly is regifting? Graphic

Regifting is where you’re given a gift, and you give that same gift away to someone else.  Usually to someone who will be able to enjoy it or find it more useful than you would have.

Often we’re given gifts by our loved ones or colleagues, and it’s not always what you’re expecting. From time to time, it won’t be in your taste, or quite simply it doesn’t really fit in your home aesthetic. We’re gifted things that aren’t quite right for us. But that doesn’t mean you’re under any obligation to keep it. That’s especially true if it’s just not your cup of tea. And in some cases it’s worse if you keep it and don’t use it because that’s a bit of a waste. It might as well be given to someone who will have something to gain from it. You’re allowing someone else to take joy in an item that you don’t have any need for.

For example, someone might buy you a mug, but the design isn’t exactly to your taste. You can’t throw it away because that’s just a waste and also seems ungrateful. There’s a possibility that someone you know would love it so you can simply regift the mug.

What is regifting Etiquette?

What is regifting Etiquette? Graphic

Regifting etiquette is making sure you regift something the right way, and yes, there is a right way and a wrong way.

You may have even been on the receiving end of this. Perhaps you’ve bought a family member a gift, and then later on found that same exact gift in another family members’ home where it’s obviously been passed along.

Parents sometimes have a way of doing this and regifting to a sibling. And that’s certainly not a great way to go about regifting because it can be a bit hurtful.

If you’re going to regift something, maybe try not to make it so obvious. In this way you can avoid hurt feelings.

When is it ok to regift something?

When is it ok to regift something? Graphic

It’s ok to regift something if you don’t like an item that was given to you, and it’s in good condition. As long as there’s no wear and tear, and it’s usable then it’s fine.

Regifting Rules:

Regifting Rules: Graphic

  • Remove previous gift tag. You don’t want to be embarrassed by giving away a gift with the gift tag for the old recipient still on there. Fully check over the regifting item, and make sure your name is not on there.
  • Re-wrap the gift. Now this one might seem obvious, but it can often be overlooked. Make sure that the wrapping suits the occasion. For example, no Christmas paper if your regifting something for a Birthday present.
  • Check it’s in date. Nobody wants to be given an out of date present. That includes bath and beauty products as well as obvious food items.
  • Clean it. If the regifting item is something that’s been sat on your shelf a while, make sure it’s clean before giving it away. So make sure there’s no dust on it, and that there’s no damage to packaging. If it’s worn away at the edges, it will look tacky to regift it.
  • Consider if they’ll like it or not. Don’t regift something that you know there’s a chance they won’t like it. Chances are you want your giftee to think that you got them something thoughtful, not thoughtless!
  • Don’t regift it back to the same person. Keep tabs on the person who bought you the item, because it would just seem mean to regift it back to them. Especially because they will have really though you’d liked the present they initially bought you.

Regifting gift cards?

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It’s only ever ok to regift a gift card if it’s unused. The card itself will usually tell the person how much is on there, or the person can ask in shop. Because of this, it would be crass to have used some of the money on it for the person to find out. 

Otherwise, regifting gift cards is perfectly fine to do. In a lot of cases, there are just some places people don’t shop at. So don’t just leave it to go to waste, gift it to someone who will definitely make use of it.

In conclusion, regifting a gift is absolutely fine! it’s a great alternative to letting it sit unused on a shelf, or worse, throwing it away.

This has been a guide to regifting gifts, if you’re on the lookout for more helpful tips check out the below related articles.

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