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What is a Big Cat Experience?

A big cat experience is where you get to spend time up close and personal with a big cat. Usually it’s a simple case of getting closer with a cage still separating you both. Most experiences include guided tours talking about the big cats that they look after and these can be very educational experiences.

There are other types of big cat experiences might allow you to hand feed a big cat. The experience will either start or finish with some light refreshments. We’ve featured both types of experience in our Gold, Silver and Bronze picks which you can find further down the page.

We would only recommend a big cat experience at reputable places where they put the animals first. It’s important to be aware of places that may allow you to touch or stroke big cats, in a lot of cases these establishments may not have the animals best interest in mind. As big cat lovers ourselves, animal welfare is very important to us.

Image Credit: Virgin Experience Days

Is A Big Cat Experience For You?

Big cat experiences are perfect for…

Cat Lovers
Chances are if you love cats, you’re going to love big cats. They’re majestic creatures and if you want to learn more about them and get up close with them, this is the perfect opportunity.

Animal Lovers
Anyone who loves animals in general would love this once in a lifetime experience. They’re educational as well as unforgettable.

A lot of big cat experiences are suitable for 16 year olds and over. Please be aware however that anyone under the age of 18 may need to be accompanied by an adult. Prices for an accompanying adult may vary from experience to experience, so be sure to check.

Where can you buy a Big Cat Experience?

You can buy a big cat experience either from buyagift or virgin experience days. Both websites offer very similar packages, however some can be exclusive to one company.

Which Should You Choose?
Image Credit: Virgin Experience Days Image Credit: Virgin Experience Days Image Credit: Virgin Experience Days

Big Cat Encounter (Weekdays)

Tiger Encounter

Feed The Big Cats

Number Of People:
Experience For One
Experience For Two
Experience For One
£199.99 £149.99 (save 50%) £199.00
Kent - Ashford Devon - Plymouth Hertfordshire - Broxbourne
Around 2 Hours Around 2 Hours Approximately 30 Minutes + Park Attractions
Average Rating:
Purchase From:

More Information...

We’ve chosen a varied selection of big cat experiences. Please bear in mind that these particular experiences can be very expensive and that’s because these are once in a lifetime experiences. We’ve chosen experiences based on reputable places that don’t put the animals at risk.

For our Gold pick, we have a big cat encounter at a Big Cat Sanctuary which you can purchase via the Virgin Experience site. This experience is available only during weekdays, however you can buy weekend tickets here. We would recommend the weekdays as it does work out cheaper. The reviews are all very positive, it’s an easy to get to location and well worth it for the price!

Our Silver pick is a tiger encounter at Dartmoor zoo, you can view this experience on Virgin Experience here. This experience gives you the chance to get close to a Siberian Amur tiger! Also included is lunch, light refreshments and a tour of the park. It’s great value for money, and right now there’s a whopping 50% discount!

Lastly, we have our Bronze pick which is an experience to hand feed a big cat of your choice. You can view this experience on the Virgin Experience site here. Whilst this experience lasts a total of 30 minutes, this is quite the opportunity for an animal lover. Additionally you will be able to explore the rest of the park and the reviews rave about the experience.

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