Are you looking for some romantic date night ideas you can do in the comfort of your own home that preferably doesn’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of 15 fun things you and your partner can do for date night which are guaranteed for result in a good time! Here are our Top 15 “At Home” Date Night Ideas!

Fun Drinks Night

Fun Drinks Night Graphic Image Credit: Firebox

We thought we’d start off at number 1 with a creative date night idea anyone can do at home: Fun Drinks! Fun Drinks Night is something my wife and I do occasionally where we search the internet for some exciting drinks we can make for ourselves to try. Sometimes it’s an alcoholic kind of night, sometimes it’s a mega-milkshake kind of night. It all depends on what you’re feeling.


If you’re feeling an alcohol-night is something, we recommend you check out the selection of crazy drinks available over at You can view them by clicking here (opens in a new tab) or you can scroll down a tad and we’ve picked a few of our favourites! If you’re not sure this is for you, don’t be so quick to dismiss it, you’ve not lived until you’ve tried bright pink unicorn tears gin!

Another fun alcohol themed night is to search for some easy & simple cocktail recipes that require minimum ingredients. Some cocktail recipes are a bit daunting as they require a lot of perpetration, but some can be made with relative ease. You can pick up a cocktail shaker from amazon for relatively cheap and you’re set! You can grab some pineapple juice, white rum and coconut cream from your nearest Sainsbury’s or Tesco, give it a shake in your new cocktail shaker, and you’ve got a Pina Colada’s on tap all night! There are other super simple cocktail recipes you can find on google or from published books over on Amazon which would turn any night into loads of fun!


Date Night Idea - Milkshakes

On the other hand, if you or your partner aren’t big drinkers, you can always create your own awesome milkshakes. Go to the nearest shop, grab a few pints of milk, optionally (but recommended) grab some cheap vanilla ice cream, pick up your favourite chocolate bars, and blend the lot together. If you don’t have a blender, you can pick up cheap ones on Amazon for next to nothing. Have you ever tried a Daim Bar and Kinder Bueno Milkshake? You’ve not lived until you have. If you’re vegan, it can all be easily substituted for Soy Milk, Dairy Free Ice cream and Vegan chocolate without spending much more!

Nature Blue Brut - £19.99 Graphic
Nature Blue Brut - £19.99
Image Credit: Firebox View Here On Firebox
Pink Unicorn Tears - £8.99 Graphic
Pink Unicorn Tears - £8.99
Image Credit: Firebox View Here On Firebox
Crooked Alcoholic Sodas - £14.99 Graphic
Crooked Alcoholic Sodas - £14.99
Image Credit: Firebox View Here On Firebox
Abashiri Blue Beer - £12.99 Graphic
Abashiri Blue Beer - £12.99
Image Credit: Firebox View Here On Firebox

Board Game / Puzzle Night

Board Game / Puzzle Night Graphic

Board Games

Board Games are an obvious choice for date night, and it’s probably a suggestion you’ve seen on similar posts quite often, and that’s simply because it does usually end up being a super fun date night.

You can chat or watch a movie in the background while you play, you can choose whether you want to play a teamwork game or a competitive game, something quick or something that takes a few hours, and so on. There’s plenty of variety here to choose from.

We’ve actually written an article on the Top 15 Board Games For Adults you can play which you can see here if you need some suggestions on what to try. We do recommend checking out the selection over at Amazon though as you’re guaranteed to find something you both like the look of.


Another option here is to invest in a Jigsaw Puzzle or similar type of puzzle, and then you can spend the night chatting while assembling it together as a team.

Movie Night

Movie Night Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

An obvious one, but a good one none-the-less. We can’t in good faith omit such a simple yet effective idea from this list.

Streaming Movies and TV Shows

In this day and age, we have some great options for movie night, there are a decent number of streaming services like Amazon Prime Movies (which you can try free for 30 days!) and Netflix. There are also some lesser known gems like Google Play Movies that constantly put movies on sale, you can buy the digital copy, and then it’s yours forever (no subscription needed). Pair these with a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Firestick, both of which hook directly into your TV, and you’ve got a great night ahead!

Sometimes “movie night” can turn into “binge watch nine episodes of your favourite TV show night” – this is also fine!

Go To The Cinema!

This post is intended to be a post for stay at home date night ideas, but we feel obligated to point out you can always go back to basics and go to the cinema. Have you seen the lazy-boy chairs over at Showcase? There’s nothing quite like settling in for a movie and being able to raise your legs up and your back down, and assume the “i’m going to fall asleep here from comfort” position…

Experimental Food Night

Experimental Food Night Graphic Image Credit: Firebox

This one is a little ambiguous and that’s because it gives you the freedom to adapt this date night idea however you want. Here’s a few things we suggest:

Home Cooking

Try new foods together. Have a night where you both have a meal you’ve never eaten before. It doesn’t have to be the same meal as you may have different tastes, but you could both cook something you wouldn’t normally make and make a night out of it.

Take Away

This also works with Take Out as well. If you’ve got a spare £20, look for a new Take Away on an online service like Just Eat, and you can either:

  • Try a completely new place you’ve never tried before
  • Try a completely new type of food (Always getting Chinese Food? Try Indian instead!)
  • Pick your usual place, but order something you’ve never ordered before.
Add Some Excitement

You can also up the ante a little bit and try something a little spicier; we recently discovered a YouTube series called Hot Ones. The premise behind this series is with each episode, a different celebrity will undertake the challenge to eat a number of chicken wings (or vegan chicken wings if they aren’t meat eaters). The catch is with each wing they eat, the hot sauce that goes on it gets spicier and spicier until they hit the hottest sauce available. So naturally my wife and I adapted this into a date night, invested in loads of hot sauce and essentially created chicken wing roulette. It was certainly an experience and I definitely recommend this one as it was a tonne of fun that we plan on doing again. If you want to check out the Hot Ones series to see what the fuss is about, you can click here to view the YouTube channel.

Make Your Own…

One final idea for a fun experimental food night is to make your own food from scratch. We’re not talking growing everything in your garden, but more about the idea that some online retailers have “make your own” kits. For example, Firebox has a great Make Your Own Chilli Sauce set you can check out here. You’ll find some other great ideas too on Firebox, they have loads of unusual ideas and it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Mix this with something else on this list like Movie Night, and you’ve got a really nice night planned out!

Chocolate / Sweet Roulette

Image Credit: Amazon


Following on from Hot Wing Roulette above, why not consider a more sweet approach? A fun date night idea my wife and I used to play quite often was something called Chocolate Roulette. It’s where we allow ourselves a night off from worrying about what we eat, we buy a really nice box of chocolate or two, and some fun extras as well like this Instant Regret Chocolate, we remove and hints as to what is what, and we take turns trying new chocolate. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and it tastes like salted caramel heaven, other times, not so lucky! Pair this when a nice bottle of red wine and you’ve got fun times ahead!


Maybe you’re more of a sweet person than a chocolate person? If so, we recommend you try out Bean Boozled which you can view here. If you’re not sure what Bean Boozled is, it’s essentially a load of jelly beans that look similar to each other – 50% of them are delicious! And the other 50%… well you can let us know how you can get on with them in the comments below. Now it’s my duty in this article to sell ideas to you, not to do the opposite, but I have to admit the rotten egg jelly bean made me gag. Funny when it happens to your partner, not so great when you draw the short straw! None-the-less, we insist you give this one a try!

Questions / Would you rather

Questions / Would you rather Graphic

You can’t overlook a good old fashioned conversation in a list like this, but you can totally spice it up a little bit by turning it into a fun game!

You can take it in turns to ask each other fun questions. These can be anything from “Have you ever…” to “Would you rather…”. This doesn’t have to be anything too spicy, but it also doesn’t have to be anything too bland. We play this game occasionally and although it starts out relatively mellow, it does often escalate into a tonne of fun! As a happily married, heterosexual male, there’s nothing quite like being asked by my wife if it’d rather sleep with Robert Downy Jr or Chris Pratt. Unfortunately, “neither” isn’t an option so I’m forced to seriously weigh up my options and pick Chris Pratt (no disrespect to Iron Man, but Andy Dwyer is just down right lovable!).

A fun twist to this game is you can each write a list of questions out in advance, throw them all into a hat, and take turns drawing them. This adds even more fun in that you can ask some really interesting questions, but you just have to hope your partner doesn’t draw the question instead, or you’re in a world of trouble!

Video Game Night

Video Game Night Graphic Image Credit: Menkind

This one is fun, but is obviously reliant on both you and your partner having an interest in video games. For me, I’m quite comfortable with that, but for my wife, she gets a little motion sick with some 3D games, so we actually have some old retro consoles we play on for Video Game Night. Personally, we have a lot of fun playing old super mario bros – we combined this with our fun drinks night, and took it in turns to play a level. Everytime one of us died, we took a drink and passed the controller over.

There’s also a tonne of fun to be had with the latest next gen consoles. Maybe you and your partner could benefit from getting your groove on and have a little dance off with Just Dance for the Nintento Switch. Or how about a Karaoke Night with the PS4/Xbox?

Online Quizzes and Tests

Online Quizzes and Tests Graphic

Now this one may sound a little underwhelming, but hear me out. There are a tonne of quizzes you can take online which mixed with your partner taking the same quiz at the same time, makes it a load of fun! You can take Personality Quizzes, “What character are you?” quizzes, there are even some more steamy sex life quizzes you can take together. All are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Here are some of our picks:

Home Spa Date

Image Credit: Amazon

Maybe for date night you just want to unwind with your partner? If so, why not try a do-it-yourself spa date? All you have to do is try and recreate a relaxing environment you’d get by going to a spa. You can pick up some bath bombs from Amazon, maybe some face masks too and take a nice long bath together. Grab some cucumber water to refresh yourselves, and maybe slip on some dressing gowns and comfy slippers afterwards so you feel incredibly relaxed. You can even pick up some massage oils and take it in turns to massage each other. There are plenty of things you could possibly do here and recreate at home, but ultimately as long as you’re relaxed it’ll be a great night!

Hide and Seek

So we know this sounds a bit childish, but every adult reading this understands that grown-ups are basically just big children. We pretend we know what we’re doing, we assert dominance over kids and teenagers because “we’re the adults” but we aren’t – we’re all idiots. Don’t run from it, embrace it.

I didn’t just add this to the list because of a lack of ideas, I write this section from personal experience. I’m a 30 year old happily married guy and my wife and I play this all the time. The fun thing is though, that we don’t tell each other we’re playing it. I’ll be in the bathroom having a shave and talking to her through the wall, and suddenly it’ll go silent. 5 minutes later I’ll find her hiding in the f*cking wardrobe trying not to laugh.

All relationships need fun, so I suggest if you’re reading this looking for ideas and this made you smirk, you show your partner this section so they know what’s about to go down, then leg it! You won’t get an entire date night out of it by any means, but it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it into whatever you decide to do (or your daily life if you’re like us!).


Image Credit: Amazon

Now you might be skimming these and think “I can’t draw, I’ll skip this one” – whoa there, that’s part of the fun!

Whether you’re a modern day Van Gough or (like me) you can’t even draw stick men properly, this is still a laugh to do. You can start by taking it in turns to give each other a keyword of phrase, and you both have to draw that thing. Double points if you both say something and you have to incorporate both keywords into a single drawing. Let your (un)creative side flow by seeing who can draw the most ridiculous thing! Pro-tip – wine helps with this one.

If this sounds interesting to you, we recommend you check out a website called – it’s essentially the digital version of the above paragraph, where you take it in turns to draw a keyword.

Being awful at this is part of the fun!

Crepe Night

Crepe Night Graphic

This one is relatively simple – you get Paris themed and cook crepes! We recommend you buy lots of different toppings for your crepes, lay them all out neatly, make a big old stack and have a make-your-own crepe night! Lemon and sugar on one? Sure! Vanilla Ice Cream on another? Go for it!

You can even adapt this to different types of desert night. Maybe get a selection of ice creams or waffles and try different things! Indulge and have a fantastic night!

Story Time

Story Time Graphic

Another simple but effective one; Get a few sheets of paper, and set a theme (a holiday, a circus, maybe even something erotic). You take it in turns to write one sentence of your story, you then fold the paper so your partner can’t see what you’ve written, and they write the next sentence and so on. After a set amount of time, you unfold the paper and read what is bound to be worthy of a Nobel Prize in Literature!

You can even do away with the paper and just take it in turns to say a single word each until a story forms. This isn’t something I’ve cobbled together for the sake of this list, this is something my wife and I actually do. The amount of times the story has been about a unicorn trying to avenge it’s family is laughable, you find you get fixated on certain words and it just becomes hilarious after a while.

We totally recommend trying this at least once.

Go through each other's music playlists

Go through each other's music playlists Graphic

This date night idea may seem a little odd, but I can assure you from experience it’s actually a lot of fun. We tried this and suddenly 3 hours had flown by and our phones needed charging.

Simply put, all you do is discuss your favourite music together. Show each other your playlists on your phones, laptops, etc. Tell them what your current favourite song is and listen to it together, then have your partner reciprocate. Admit to your guilty pleasure songs, and discuss new music you’ve found and where you found it.

Personally my playlist consists of quite a lot of music I’ve heard in movies and TV shows, so it’s fun explaining how I found these songs.

You can spend the night listening to each other’s favourite songs, and reminisce about songs you haven’t heard in a while.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt Graphic

This is another I’m writing from experience, it started out as a little bit of fun and evolved into a full game.

What you do is steal something of your partners when they’re not looking (my wife and I try and lift each other’s phones when we’re not paying attention), and then hide it somewhere in the house. You can then give clues as to where it is, maybe in written form, or you can simply play hotter and colder until they find it. This game, much like hide and seek, is extra fun when you don’t announce prior that you’re playing it, suddenly they realise their phone has vanished and it’s game on!

Those are our Top 15 picks for relatively cheap date night ideas you can do at home! Whether you’re a new couple, or a long-time married couple, we hope you found something something fun and creative to try from this list!

If you have any ideas you think would fit perfectly in this list, do leave us a comment below. We constantly update our lists with fresh ideas, and happily put Honourable Mentions at the bottom even if they don’t make the top 15.

Happy date night!

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