Hey guys! Since it’s release, Fortnite and it’s Battle Royale has taken the world by storm (there’s a pun in there if you’ve ever played because we’re hilarious here at GiftSpin). The interesting thing about Fortnite is that it’s a video game aimed at both kids of all ages and adults alike because of it’s cartoon-like graphics yet surprisingly deep and strategic gameplay. So whether you’re an avid Fortnite player yourself, or maybe you’ve got a kid who has been swept up in it, we’ve got a list of gifts perfect for any fan. Here are our Top 15 Fortnite Gifts

V-Bucks (Fortnite Credit)£19.99

What They Are:
V-Bucks are basically Fortnite currency.  They allow you to buy cosmetics in game to make your character look like a walking, talking bad-ass. If you're not a Fortnite player, and we know this sounds silly, but if you're reading this because you have a kid or partner who's addicted to the game, get them V-Bucks for their platform of choice. It will be appreciated way more than you'd believe. As a result, V-Bucks are the king of Fortnite gifts. 

When Fortnite came out, I played it A LOT. And it’s a surprisingly addictive game because you find yourself saying “one more match… ok now really one more match…”. Now, I don’t play as much anymore, but as an ex-player, I can say with certainty that all the Fortnite gifts we have below are awesome. But the number 1 spot in our list has to go to V-Bucks.

Perfect For: Adults Kids Him Her

2,800 V-Bucks (Xbox) - £19.99 Graphic
2,800 V-Bucks (Xbox) - £19.99
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2,800 V-Bucks (PS4) - £19.99
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Image Credit: Amazon

Fortnite Inspired Black Hip Flask with Gift Box£14.95

Image Credit: Amazon

What It Is:
A simple Fortnite themed hip-flask for storing liquor.

Perhaps if you or your partner are fans of the game and like a drink, then this little flask is the best of both worlds. Branded with the Fortnite logo, it’s a high quality black steel flask that comes in a nice little gift box, which makes your gift look just that much more thoughtful. Furthermore, it’s not too pricey either which is always a plus when you’re gift searching.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Fortnite 7 Colors Desk Light£13.89

Image Credit: Amazon

What It Is:
An optical illusion nightlight in the shape of the Fortnite Llama, with multiple colour settings.

These things are actually quite cool, they’re aimed at kids but I confess as a grown man I do kind of want one of these for my desk. It has multiple colour settings (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white) and you can either set them to be a specific colour, or fade between the lot. Also it’s powered by a USB port so you can either plug it in with a USB plug (USB Cable is provided), or plug it into a desktop/laptop. Additionally, this also accepts AA Batteries for ease.

You can find other designs as well other than the Fortnite Llama (as you’ll see if you click the view button below). So feel free to pick your favourite, but we think the Llama is the most iconic that all kids would love!

Perfect For: Kids


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Fortnite Loot Llama Plush Toy£14.99

Image Credit: Amazon

What It Is:
It's the iconic Fortnite Loot Llama in plush form.

So the title of this product on Amazon doesn’t explicitly say “Fortnite”. But this is definitely the Fortnite Loot Llama. There are a few of these kicking around Amazon, so you might actually be able to pick this up for cheaper than the price we have listed. Because of this, we’ve picked the one with multiple sizing options and amazon prime delivery (at the time of writing) though because it seems like the best of the bunch. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, we’d totally recommend it. You can try it for free by clicking here.

Perfect For: Adults Kids Him Her


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Fortnite "Take The L" Clock£20.00

Fortnite Image Credit: Redbubble

What It Is:
A clock based on the "Take The L" Fornite Dance Emote

There are a handful of Fortnite themed clocks over on Redbubble. We’ve picked the iconic “Take The L” dance. We think it’s the most glaringly obvious as to what it actually is without it actually saying “Fortnite” on it.  In this case, if you buy this for someone, they’re going to know it’s the L emote.

Additionally, we’d recommend that when you click the button below that you view other Fortnite clocks that are available on Redbubble as there are some other good ones there. But our pick has to go to the “Take The L” clock as it’s just so iconic.

Perfect For: Kids


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Fortnite Framed Print£50.05

Fortnite Framed Print Graphic Image Credit: Redbubble

What It Is:
Framed print based on the iconic Loot Lake section of the Fornite map.

Fortnite is an interesting game in that it currently only has one map.  However, that one map constantly undergoes changes to keep things fresh. Recently an area of the map known as Loot Lake er… “took off”.  And this awesome print records that event in all it’s glory. As a result, we think this frame would look great on most walls, whether it’s for a kid or an adult as it’s really well made. Redbubble also have some other amazing framed prints we recommend you check out, but our pick goes to Floating Loot Lake Island.

Perfect For: Adults Kids Him Her


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Fortnite Pop VinylsFrom £10.00

What It Is:
Fortnite Themed Pop! Vinyl collectable figures.

People love a good funko pop. These Pop! Vinyl figures, much like Fortnite, have become a global phenomenon. And with so many to collect, we actually have them dotted around quite a lot of our blog posts. Below we’ve linked you some of our favourites as they’re the most iconic characters in the game. But you’re sure to find more available.

Also, we’ve added below some links to HMV since HMV are a very reputable retailer here in the UK.  However these are also available HERE at Amazon and HERE at Zavvi UK if you want to compare prices, as lots of online retailers are starting to stock these as they make great Fortnite gifts.

Perfect For: Kids Adults Pop! Collectors

Brite Bomber Graphic
Brite Bomber
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Skull Trooper  Graphic
Skull Trooper
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Merry Marauder Graphic
Merry Marauder
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Black Knight Graphic
Black Knight
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Cuddle Team Leader Graphic
Cuddle Team Leader
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Raptor Graphic
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Love Ranger Graphic
Love Ranger
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV
Omega Graphic
Image Credit: HMV View Here At HMV

An Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters£9.99

An Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters Graphic Image Credit: HMV

What It Is:
This is a written guide on how to be better at Fortnite.

So this encyclopedia is a book full of Fortnite tips, from beginner level to more advanced. The book boasts that it contains tips and strategies and that it’s great for both beginners and more experienced players. Meaning this gift should be absolutely fine for both kids and adults alike. Personally I label this as more of a stocking filler gift for a kid, or a joke gift for a partner that’s not very good at the game, than a main gift.

Either way, for a tenner it’s a solid gift for any Fortnite fan. And you can even get it half price at £4.99 (at the time of writing) if you buy something else from HMV’s online shop at the same time. Score!

Perfect For: Kids Adults


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Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure£26.99

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure Graphic Image Credit: Zavvi UK

What It Is:
An officially licensed 7" collectable Fortnite figure.

Full disclosure, this thing is currently a pre-order due for release December 31st, 2018. However, we think this thing looks so awesome and it absolutely deserves a place in the list even though it wont be available for Christmas 2018. It’s a fun little collectable figure sporting the Cuddle Team Leader skin. Because of this, it would make a fantastic and thoughtful gift for any fan, and don’t let the colour fool you. Any Fortnite player, whether male or female would love this figurine.

Perfect For: Adults Kids Him Her


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Fortnite Rainbow Smash Prop Replica£64.99

Fortnite Rainbow Smash Prop Replica Graphic Image Credit: Zavvi UK

What It Is:
A full scale 39" replica of the Rainbow Smash Pickaxe.

This thing is, in a word, glorious. Now, it’s another that’s a pre-order for December 31st, 2018. But again, another that really deserves a spot on this list. So if you’re still not 100% sure what this is, then let me paint you a picture: Imagine a coal miner swinging a pickaxe. Now imagine that coal miner is your child or partner, and the pickaxe is this thing.

If your internal monologue just said “NOPE! I LIKE MY HOUSE THE WAY IT IS” then I wouldn’t blame you for scrolling down to the next gift. But, if your internal monologue just laughed because the person you’re buying for doesn’t live in the same house as you, then I can assure you that the person you’re buying Fortnite swag for is going to love this.

As a fully grown adult male, I’ve been banned by my wife from buying this.  But if you do take the plunge, I would very much like to see photos and videos posted in our comment section below so I can see this thing in all it’s glory.

Disclaimer: GiftSpin UK is definitely not liable for your kid smashing your house up.

Perfect For: Kids (12+) Him Her


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Fornite Monopoly£26.99

Fornite Monopoly Graphic Image Credit: IWOOT

What It Is:
Fortnite themed Monopoly.

There’s not much to say about this. Because everybody knows what Monopoly is, and this one is Fortnite themed. Maybe you’re reading the list looking for Fortnite gifts and you want a “safe” present that’s not too out there. Well then Monopoly is always a good direction to go.

Perfect For: Adults Kids Him Her


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Personalised Fortnite Hanging Sign£12.99

Image Credit: Amazon

What It Is:
A sign you can personalise with a name that can then be placed on your childs door.

Now this is obviously fine for an adult too, but certainly better suited for a kid that has a Fortnite obsession. It comes with the option to personalise the sign to add your child’s name ready to be placed on their bedroom door. Because of this, it would make a great Birthday or Christmas stocking filler for any kid that’s currently swept up in the Fortnite phase.

Perfect For: Kids


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Fortnite Poster£17.99

Fortnite Poster Graphic Image Credit: Amazon

What It Is:
A simple Fortnite themed poster.

There are a few posters out there, but this is definitely the best of the bunch as it captures the craziness that is Fortnite. On it’s own, this would make a nice little present for a kid/teen to hang up on their wall, or you could go one step further and buy a nice frame for it which would certainly make it look a lot nicer and an even better gift to receive.

Perfect For: Kids


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Fortnite Battle Royale BI-Fold Wallet£9.99

What It Is:
Fortnite themed wallets.

If you click the “View” button below, you’ll quickly see there are a LOT of Fortnite wallets. The four below are our top picks as we think they look the best, but our taste and your taste may differ.  So if you think a Fortnite themed wallet would make a lovely little stocking filler, I implore you to click one of the View buttons below.  And check out the other designs, there are actually 27 variations at the time of writing, so do have a look around and pick your favourite.

Perfect For: Kids

Fortnite Love Ranger Pop! Keychain£7.99

Fortnite Love Ranger Pop! Keychain Graphic Image Credit: Zavvi UK

What It Is:
A Fortnite themed Keychain.

Now, The Love Ranger is a classic Fortnite skin that was released (you can probably guess, but drum roll please…) at valentines day! This little keychain would be fine for basically anyone, however I’d have to say that it’s probably suited best for someone buying for their partner. Either way it’s a nifty little keychain that comes with the amazing fact that today I learned Pop! Vinyl also do keychains. Incredible!

Perfect For: Kids Adults Him Her


View Here On Zavvi UK

And that’s all she wrote. We constantly update all of our posts with new ideas, replacing older gifts with newer and better ideas, so be sure to give us a bookmark and check back whenever you have a birthday around the corner!

Additionally, if you’ve found any Fortnite gifts you think would be a worthy inclusion on this list, please do comment below.  There’s a very good chance it’ll get added to the list and we’ll absolutely credit you for the epic suggestion. Get it? Epic? Because Epic Games made Fortnite? I’ll show myself out.

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