Hi everyone! There’s nothing more thoughtful than a nice, personalised gift. It shows you’ve put some extra thought into the present, so we decided this week we’d help you guys out with a Top Personalised Gifts list. They always show your loved ones that you’ve thought this gift through and you know them. So here’s our Top 15 Personalised Gifts

Personalised Hip Flask£29.99

Personalised Hip Flask Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

This is a really nice looking hip flask! I’m not a big drinker, but I can appreciate a nice accessory such as this.  Just as it looks in the picture, this could be a really nice groomsmen gift. Another item to consider if you’re buying for a man in your life. Although, I have to admit, I’d probably be getting this for my sister in law! This hip flask in particular is a nice way to commemorate a special occasion since you can put a date on it too.

These would make for really special personalised gifts for someone.  

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Personalised Silver Lighter£9.99

Personalised Silver Lighter Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

I really love the little box that this comes in, it just makes this really stylish.  Essentially I just love things that are presented in little boxes (I’m so easy to please!) Now I’m no smoker, and I don’t really have much use for a lighter, but I still think I would love to get this as a gift from someone! If anything you could use it to light some beautiful candles in your home 😀

And not only could it be useful, as personalised gifts go this is just really lovely to look at.  You can get this engraved with a lovely message. Maybe for a groomsmen, or a gift for your dad on fathers day.  It’s something a little bit different, I always think gifts like this and the brass compass would make great men’s gifts!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Personalised Wooden Planter£29.99

Personalised Wooden Planter Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

So I think that these could be great personalised gifts for a housewarming.  This beautiful personalised planter, paired up with some plants would be great. If you’re not sure about what kind of plant to get I will always recommend succulents. Like an Aloe Vera, as they’re super easy to keep if it’s a gift you have to hang on to for a little while.

You can add in your own little message to the metal strip on the planter.  And you can also choose the colour of the wood you’d like. Personally I like the white, but really it depends on the decor of the person you’re gifting this too.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Parents


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Personalised Watch Case£59.95

Personalised Watch Case Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

These would make great men’s gifts, just like the whisky tumbler and brass compass! My husband collects his watches, and I actually got him a watch case for his Birthday last year.  I’ll admit, I actually got the idea for this from the superhero movie “Doctor Strange” but still! There’s no doubting that it was a good gift. I didn’t realise that you could get personalised ones, so I’m kicking myself now!

This particular watch box is really nice too, it’s a beautiful and classy design.  You have their initials printed onto the glass and you can choose from their selected fonts.  I quite like the calligraphy one if I’m perfectly honest.

Perfect For: Adults Him


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Personalised Whisky Glass£9.99

Personalised Whisky Glass Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Whisky glasses, more men’s gifts for you! And even better because you can personalise them 😀 I’d love to get one of these bad boys for my husband, but I don’t think I could resist writing something funny on their.  Like, instead of writing things like “super” or “great” I’d probably write “smelly” and “nerdy”. In a lovable way! He’d understand anyway… There’s no room for gushy love, it’s all about making each other laugh 😉

So these would make great personalised gifts for dads too I think.  This tumbler, paired with a nice bottle of whisky would equal perfection!

Perfect For: Adults Him


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Personalised LED Candle£9.99

Personalised LED Candle Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Candles make fantastic gifts, and this one would be especially nice for a housewarming (just like the planter!)  You could get this for other occasions too. But I think this is nicer for a housewarming because of the message on this particular candle.  The great thing about this particular candle is that it’s battery operated so you’re beautiful message won’t melt away. So it lasts, and it’s great if you’re getting this for someone who maybe doesn’t like fire, or has children and pets. Safety first!

If you’ve not had an LED candle before, they look and feel like the real thing.  I really like them because I don’t have to worry about my cats putting their faces in the flames (which they’ve done before!) Additionally, the light from these candles is really soothing, it’s a dim light and it creates a nice atmosphere.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Personalised Mini FiguresFrom £34.99

Personalised Mini Figures Graphic Image Credit: Firebox

So this is one of my favourite personalised gifts.  It’s a little mini Lego figure of the person you’re buying for 😀 What better way to show them you know them than getting them this? You have to give a brief description of the person you’re buying for, you can even add an optional photo of them if you wish.  Then you can choose whether to add a caption or not. Et voila! Firebox will create a little Lego figure based on your description.

If you didn’t want to just do it for one person, you can actually do this for a whole family.  It’s a little pricey, but who wants a boring photo when you can have strangers interpret what you might look like in Lego form? I don’t think there’s any question about getting these little Lego buddies of your friends and family!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Kids


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Personalised Face Cushion£24.99

Personalised Face Cushion Graphic Image Credit: Firebox

Ok, so I really want to get one of these for a friend of mine, but I don’t know if she’d find it funny or incredibly weird… Maybe I’ll just stick to getting one for my husband, that’ll be safer. Just for fun, there’s also a suitcase version of this (just in case you want your best friends face on your luggage).  So what is this weird personalised gift? Well quite simply it’s a cushion where you can upload a picture of your face on it.  It’s a giant cushion of your face (or it could be your friends face, the choice is yours!)

Why would this make a great gift? Because it’s super weird, and honestly I think this is one of the funniest joke gifts I could find.  Also, why not? I’d love a giant cushion with my husband and best friends faces on it, it’d be amazing. Additionally, the questions that would get asked when people come to my house would be hilarious 😀

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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The Book Of EveryoneFrom £23.95

The Book Of Everyone Graphic Image Credit: The Book Of Everyone

What is the book of everyone? Well this is probably one of the most personalised gifts you could get someone! Each book is unique, and you personalise it by adding in some details about the person you’re buying for. You can add photos, and there are a few select pages which you can edit to add in some additional information. I’ve just tried to do one for my husband and it’s a really sweet little book.  The detail is pretty cool!

There are also a couple of different books you can get depending on the occasion or who it’s for.  I quite like the look of the romance one 😀 Any of these would be great little personalised gifts for your loved ones.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Personalised Retro Sweets Hamper£24.99

Personalised Retro Sweets Hamper Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Know someone that loves their sweets? Do you know a sweet fiend? Well then these sweets make the perfect personalised gifts. They’re retro sweets that you’d find in a sweet shop.  I still remember the newsagents down the road from me would have their sweet jars in the back of the shop. I was allowed to buy a bag, and my favourites were Imperial Mints.  Man I miss those, they’re just not the same unless they’re coming out of a big old plastic tub!

What are some of your favourite retro sweets? Let me know in the comments 😀 I’ve actually bought these as gifts on numerous occasions.  If they love sweets, I guarantee they will love this. What I can’t guarantee however, is how long this will last. I know a friend of mine who ate one of these over two days…

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Kids


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Personalised Champagne And Chocolates£59.95

Personalised Champagne And Chocolates Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

These make for really romantic personalised gifts I think.  Or even just celebratory personalised gifts. You can’t really go wrong with a bottle of champagne and some good old truffles.  And the only thing that could top it off is if you personalised it with your giftee’s name, message and a special year 🙂 Whilst it might not seem THAT special, depending on who you buy it for, it certainly could be. I especially like gifts like this because it’s not something I’d normally buy for myself.  So I really appreciate when someone does so I don’t have to feel guilty about buying such luxury items.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her


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Personalised Compass£39.95

Personalised Compass Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Now to me, this seems like a real manly gift, I’m not entirely sure why.  It just strikes me as something I would see on the shelf of an office. But realistically this could be for anyone who does a bit of travelling, don’t you think? Maybe you know someone who hikes a lot, then this would be one of the best personalised gifts you could get them.

This lovely brass compass comes in a beautiful wooden box which you can add their initials to.  It also makes a great display case in the event that they do want to display it. Otherwise this is perfectly fine to use out and about, it does work! Additionally you can personalise it by having a message written on the glass around the compass.  Thoughtful, yes? Really, this would make such a stunning gift idea, I kind of wish I knew someone that likes travelling so I could buy it for them!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Travellers


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Personalised Jewellery Box£29.99

Personalised Jewellery Box Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

My jewellery box is probably one of the most useful things that I own.  Before my jewellery box, my trinkets and shiny things would be lost to the house.  I’m astounded that I still have any jewellery left. But that being said, I was gifted a fantastic jewellery box a couple of years ago, and now it hides my shiny treasures.  What would be even better than a jewellery box? Well of course a personalised one! Personalised gifts are great because they mark occasions as really memorable. I love being able to look at a personalised gift I was given and remember the day I got it.

This jewellery box is especially nice as far as personalised gifts go. It’s classy and has a few little compartments in it, handy for keeping your jewellery separate.

Perfect For: Adults Her


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Personalised Teacup And Saucer£14.99

Personalised Teacup And Saucer Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

I love this cup and saucer (I know, I know, I love everything!) But seriously, this is cute, and pretty.  And don’t you know someone who would adore this? Other than me of course. A good few years ago, I was gifted a tea cup and saucer as a Secret Santa gift and it was the best.  I was gutted when I broke it a few years later. Honestly, as a tea lover, that tea cup was one of the nicest gifts anyone could have given me. And if you also know a big tea lover, or maybe just someone who loves their teacups and tea sets then this is perfect.  

You can personalise it with whatever message your wish (this isn’t just for mums!)

Perfect For: Adults Her


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Personalised Rolling Pin£12.99

Personalised Rolling Pin Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Fantastic personalised gifts for a baker, this rolling pin is great! This is a really nice rolling pin, the quality is one thing, and the personalisation just adds a bit more to it. If you know a baker, or someone who loves cooking, then this would be a really nice gift idea for them. Actually, I’m in desperate need of one.  The only rolling pin I have is this really small one, it takes me ages to roll out a bit of dough or pastry. I’ve had to resort to using a wine bottle instead!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Bakers


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Honourable Mentions

The following personalised gifts didn't make it into our Top 15 picks, but we think they're still worth a mention...

Let’s Grow Old Together Print£19.99

Let’s Grow Old Together Print Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

This print makes me really happy, I love the idea of growing older with my husband. I just hope he still loves me when I shrink to an even smaller size 😀 Funnily enough, my family start off short, and apparently we get shorter with age. So this would make quite a fun little anniversary gift for one of them!  For a print however, this is a really nice design, it’s quite modern. I think it would make lovely wedding gifts or even anniversary gifts. Even better is that you can personalise it with the couples’ names.

That adds a nice touch to it, and it does in fact come with the frame.  So this makes a nice all in one gift idea.

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Couples


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Personalised Guitar Plectrum£24.99

Personalised Guitar Plectrum Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

And what about for the musician in your life, you ask? Well try this one! It’s a beautiful personalised plectrum.  I know a musician that would absolutely adore this, do you know someone that would too? This would make such a nice Christmas or Birthday gift, maybe even a Valentines gift!

You could pair this with some sheet music, but even on it’s own these would make for such special personalised gifts. I love that this is a bit more substantial than just a plastic plectrum too.  If you’ve ever played guitar, you’ll now that losing plectrums is quite easy to do. This should be harder to lose!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Guitar Players


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Personalised Cheeseboard£29.99

Personalised Cheeseboard Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

Cheese boards make fantastic personalised gifts for foodies! If you know someone that loves their food, then they’ll love their very own personalised cheese board.  It even comes complete with little cheese tools, perfect for cheese emergencies (cheese emergencies are real!)

In addition to this being fantastic quality, it’s also a 100% environmentally friendly which makes this even better.  Personally I think this would make great fathers day gifts, or great gifts for grandparents. I suppose they’re really good personalised gifts for family members who love their cheese.  Pair this up with some nice cheese (or vegan cheese if they’re vegan), maybe a nice bottle of wine and hey presto! You’ve got a fantastic gift set 😀

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Cheese Lovers


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Personalised Letterbox Wine£24.99

Personalised Letterbox Wine Graphic Image Credit: Firebox

This is nowhere near as weird as the cushion thing, don’t worry. Maybe your wonderful friend or loved one lives away from you, and you want to do something nice for them.  With an ordinary bottle of wine, you can’t send this without the person being in or it being sent to a neighbour. But with this, oh man, this perfectly sized square bottle fits perfectly through the letterbox.  So after a hard days work, your loved one will have a delightful surprise when they walk through the door to find this.

You can pick either red or white wine to send over, and you can personalise it with your own message 🙂 I think that this is one of our more cool and unusual personalised gifts on this list. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not made of glass so it won’t break!

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Wine Enthusiasts


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Personalised Family Cookbook£19.99

Personalised Family Cookbook Graphic Image Credit: Prezzybox

As a big fan of cooking and baking, I really love this idea for personalised gifts. If you know someone who loves cooking, this could be the perfect gift for them.  I actually know someone that would love this, they’re a great cook and she passes her recipe onto her children. A childhood friend of mine has a little binder full of her mum’s recipes. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have their own family recipe book that they could pass down?

Just, the quality of this book looks incredible. Actually, I’d quite like to put some of my mum’s recipes in here.  She’s a wonderful cook, and some of the recipes she uses she picked up from her mum. So it would be nice to have a little record of them.  I think this could certainly hold the nostalgia factor as time goes on. Imagine if each generation of family added in their own recipe?

Perfect For: Adults Him Her Families


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And that’s all we have for now! As I mentioned, there are plenty more personalised gifts out there, I will be updating this as time goes on.  If there are any in particular that you liked, please make sure to leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Alternatively, if you’re struggling to find something suitable for a loved one, feel free to pop me a message and I’ll help you.  There’s something out there for everyone, and I’m more than happy to help you till you find something perfect 😀 In the meantime, make sure to check out our housewarming gifts list if you want more items like this.

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