Hey guys! So this week we’ve been working on gathering up some ideas for the upcoming Valentines day! With Valentines soon upon us I figured it was time to give you some romantic little ideas… Most of these are gifts, but some of them are just little things you can do with each other in order to have a nice experience. Valentines isn’t always about the gift giving, it’s about celebrating the things you love about each other! Finding that special gift for your partner shouldn’t be a chore, it’s a nice way to get to know more about them. Here are our picks for out top valentines gift ideas:

Personal shopper experience

Personal shopper experience Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

I had no idea this was a thing and the best part is that it could be for him or her!  You might want to be aware that with most of these types of experiences, it only allows for one person usually, so when booking it’s worth finding out if you’re allowed to be with your partner to avoid disappointment or even just to plan ahead.

This is a luxurious present and one that won’t soon be forgotten.


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Re-create your first date

Re-create your first date Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

For you long timers, this might be a nice one.  For me and my husband this was a trip to the cinema and a nice little meal afterwards with his famous home cooking (a ready meal…)!  He told me he was a really good cook, and to be fair kudos to him because I really enjoyed that little dinner and it’s such an endearing memory to have now!  

Pamper Hamper

Pamper Hamper Graphic Image Credit: Pixabay

This is something you could either buy or easily make at home! This could include a number of things for your special person to pamper themselves or each other with.  Massage oils, candles, flowers chocolates etc… There’s something heartwarming about a little hamper, especially if you fill it with bits which are significant to your partner! I’d fill my husbands with crisps and skittles…

Drink Tasting!

Drink Tasting! Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

Are you connoisseurs of wine?  How about a wine tasting club, the majestic wine company do a couple of different packages.  Whether you buy one of these for your partner, or you decide to do this together as an experience it’s sure to be as romantic as it is educational.  Alternatively, there’s a little wine subscription you can sign up to and learn about AND drink wine.

Not a wine fan, how about Beer experience?  This is one that’s sure to grab your paramore’s attention! With up to 6 Yorkshire beers (and not to mention snacks…) why not give these a go!

Did someone say Whisky? If you know someone who either likes whisky or wants to learn more about it, what about a little whisky taster set.  It’s a different, it’s tasty and educational!

And if you’re like me and not all that into alcohol, or want something a little gentler maybe, why not this little tea tasting set?  There are a few places you could look for nice teas, including Bluebird Tea Co.  If you know a tea lover, this is absolutely perfect.  My personal favorite is there Gingerbread tea and one which was gifted to me one Christmas time!

Chocolate roulette

Chocolate roulette Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

Chocolates tend to be the norm for Valentines day, and hey why not? There so many different kinds and they’re all full of delicious goodness!  So why not up the stakes a little and try chocolate roulette? We got this little idea from the movie “The Vow” (which is a great Valentines movie by the way and I would very much recommend watching it).

It’s where you get a box of assorted chocolates, and without looking at what each of them are, you just have to try them one at a time.  There’s no real aim other than to see which ones you like, and to see your partners face when they find one they don’t like!  Also it gives you an excuse to share and discover things about your tastes!

Get to know you bottle

Get to know you bottle Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

This is a personalised idea which you can make which is really cute and thoughtful, all you need is a bottle, a pen, some paper and your brain! The idea is to come up with questions to help you get to know each other, or to test what you already know.  

Me and my husband play this semi-regularly and I love it, because over the years the answers to some of these things have changed and it’s fun to learn what they’ve changed to now!  And isn’t that the best part about being with someone?  Growing and changing with them!

Memory Bottle

This one is my favorite, again another personalised one but really really thoughtful.  Again all you need is a bottle, a pen and I like to colour code mine.  This bottle is gifted to your partner and they use it to help be cheered up in times of stress.  I use traffic light colours, red ones are super happy or funny or even future memories for when your partner has a really really bad day.   Yellow is something thoughtful that my partner did for me and is for when you’ve just had a really tiring day.  And green is for when you’re pretty happy and just want something nice to read, these are usually just little compliments.

Put all your little pieces of paper in the bottle and voila, cute, thoughtful present full of memories and love!

Flower subscription

Flower subscription Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

As with chocolates, flowers are also the norm with Valentine’s day.  Beautiful, beautiful flowers for a wonderful someone. Maybe I have too many favorite things, but I’m gonna say it again flowers are also my favorite!

Instead of the usual one off bouquet, how about a flower bouquet subscription?! Bloom and Wilde do a flower subscription that can be mailed straight through your door! Check it out

This is a great gift idea for lots of different occasions, but I think this one especially suits Valentines day to make someone feel that extra bit special.

Use your culinary skills!

Use your culinary skills! Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

Why not trying using your skills to cook/bake for your partner? There are some lovely and simple ideas here, you don’t have to be a masterchef, you just need a few utensils and some time keeping!

Or if you’re a couple used to home cooked meals, why not treat yourselves to a meal out together.  Or even just a little takeout?

Personalised Coupons

Personalised Coupons Graphic Image Credit: Pixabay

Another personalised and very thoughtful gift idea! You can make little IOU or little redeemable coupons for your partner! This was one of the first gifts my husband got me and I loved them.  There are so many ideas you could use for them.  You can make them sweet, like “I owe you a foot rub at any time”, or “I owe you a favorite dessert”. 

The choice is yours, so choose wisely how you word your coupons and stipulate an expiry date!  (Because I’ve still got one to use from about 9 years ago…)


Photoshoot Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

You could try booking a little photoshoot for you and your partner, it’s not often we remember to document our lives so why not treat yourselves to something that’ll last and give you happy memories to look back on.  

Whether this is something you pay to do, or something you decide you’re happy doing using your phones!

A Getaway

A Getaway Graphic Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re not used to going away, instead of gifts, why not spend that money to have a night away somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be far, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are plenty of places where you can be as frugal or as expensive as you want!  Airbnb and Groupon have some great deals.

Spa Day

Spa Day Graphic Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re all about being pampered why not treat yourselves both to a spa day, or again even just a spa treatment if you need to work on a budget.  Let’s face it, adulting is hard.  How about a nice massage for you and your special person so you can just relax and not have to think about work or whatever stresses you may have going on.  

Be Creative!

Be Creative! Graphic Image Credit: Pexels

This is for those of you with a creative streak.  Do you paint? Do you write? Do you sing or play an instrument?

How about crafting something.  Or even learning how to do one of these things for your partner, or if one of these is an interest for them, paying for lessons for them or even teaching them!

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’ve not heard yet, Virgin Experience have an offer on a romantic air balloon flight experience! How cool is that?! If you’re really wanting to impress that special someone, why not give them something to remember (I would say to wrap up warm though, I imagine it’ll be a little chilly up that high in February!)

Did your partner get you something great one year? Or maybe you’re proud of the gift you gave in return? If you have any ideas for readers, feel free to comment below!

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