I don’t know about you, but for me, men are the most difficult to buy for. My husband in particular, after nearly 10 years together I’ve just run out of ideas of things to buy this guy. And the annoying part is that they never seem to state what they want!

…and then you just wing it and you can just see the look of fake happy when they open their present. It’s the worst!

So I’ve compiled a little list of ideas of what to buy and questions to ask about your man friend to hopefully spark some inspiration:

  1. Do they have any hobbies?
  2. Do they collect anything?
  3. Have they mentioned they have an interest in something but haven’t gotten around to it yet?
  4. Do they have a skillset they want to improve?
  5. How longs it been since they treated themselves to something? (like a video game, or a boys night etc…)

Some guys like gaming, some like cooking (and/or eating), what about collecting, do they have something they like to collect? Have a think about what it is they enjoy doing and adapt to it.  

My husband for example is a bit of a techy, and loves to fiddle with stuff whilst he’s working (leaving ripped up pieces of paper everywhere, or spinning his pen around…) so this sparked an idea for me. I can buy him some sort of gadget, or tech related thing. I actually bought him two things.

Other Gift Ideas

You can find some generic, but nice filler gifts and personalise them in your own way. Here are some ideas for gift ideas for men below:

  • Wrist Watch – be careful of sizing
  • Wallet
  • Grooming Kit
  • Calendar
  • Personal Journal
  • Alcohol based gifts – whiskeys, tumblers, personalised wines
  • Funny stupid joke gifts
  • Toys – are they a collector of anything perhaps (marvel figures for example)
  • Men’s fragrances
  • Comfy clothes – pajamas, dressing gowns, slippers
  • If he has a home office, what about a little fake plant

There are a few personalised gifts you could get, like engraved tumblers or cooking aprons, how about a little lego version of themselves?!

If you’re really struggling what about an experience day for the two of you. These can be a tad costly mind you, but an experience creates these wonderful memories which you can hold onto forever (and then surely that scores you brownie points with your partner and they get to owe you a super awesome expensive gift because that’s how it works right?)…

As always, tell me about you! Comment your experience with difficult to buy for men and what you’ve done to overcome these!

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