Do you want to know what to buy for women?  Women can be hard to buy for, but really we aren’t hard to buy for at all, we want everything! Well I mean, maybe that’s just me… I’m pretty easy to please, you can’t go wrong with some pretty stationary, food, candles, bath stuff, jewellery, anything cat related, flowers, chocolate, and so on. My list is never ending…

However that being said, it can still be a bit difficult because not everyone wants to buy the generic stuff for their family member, friend or partner, they want it to be special. But to be fair, there’s ways to buy seemingly “generic” gifts and still make them special. Check out a little list of cute bits below to give you some inspiration:

If you’re still stuck looking for ideas for what to buy for women, below is a list of some more general gift ideas that you can look at for your special lady.

In the meantime, if you find yourself really struggling to find a gift, get in touch either in the comments or via email.  Let me know a little about your lady friend and I’ll be happy to help you think of nifty little gifts for her!

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